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Wells Fargo Credit Cards

It is now about 2 months since problems started with Wells Fargo. I am having to still do manual downloads for all my Wells Fargo credit card transactions, even though the bank accouns are now  synching properly.


This is shockingly bad. What are we paying you for? If I wanted to run my business using manual processes I wouldn't be using Quickbooks. It is a HUGE bank, not like I am using a local savings and loan.


Quickbooks you need to do better or I will look at moving to another platform.

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QuickBooks Team

Wells Fargo Credit Cards

Hi there, ian_jackson.

I appreciate you reaching out to us here in the Community. I'm here to share some updates about downloading Wells Fargo transactions in QuickBooks Online.


I'd like to inform you that this has been a reported issue and our Online Banking Team are diligently working with Wells Fargo to get this fixed as soon as possible. I'd suggest giving our Customer Care Team a call, so you'll be added to the list of the affected users. That way, our engineers can send you updates when they are available.

For now, you can download your transactions in a Web Connect file. Then, upload it to your QuickBooks.

Here's how:

  1. Log in to your bank’s website.
  2. Select the date range of the transactions you that are not downloaded to QuickBooks yet.
  3. Select an approved file type (CSV, QFX, QBO, and OFX).
  4. Download the file to your computer.
  5. Log in to your QuickBooks Online account.
  6. On the Banking page, click the Upload button.
  7. ​Browse your computer for the bank file and select it.

You can also check out this article for your reference: How to upload more than 90 days of bank transactions in QuickBooks Online?


Please know that the Community has your back should you have any questions. Wishing you and your business continued success.

Level 2

Wells Fargo Credit Cards

Why is this still not fixed. Are you kidding me? Can I get a discount as I am back doing my accounting by hand?


QuickBooks Team

Wells Fargo Credit Cards

Thank you for getting back to us here in the Community page, @ian_jackson.


We value you and the success of your business, I understand that it's really challenging having banking issues while working with QuickBooks. As of now, we haven't received any update yet with regards to this issue. However, our engineers are closely working with your bank for an immediate fix.


You may get in touch with our QuickBooks Online Support for you to be notified with the latest updates and check this further for you. To contact support, check this: Get help with QuickBooks Online.


Thank you for your patience, feel free to drop by if you have any other concern in the future. Have a good day!




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