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Featured Members for September 2020

It's that time again... every month we feature members from the community to call out their contributions based on a rotating set of criteria to make sure everyone gets a chance to be highlighted. 


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We have been celebrating appreciation week here in the Community, and want to express our gratitude for the members of our Community Champion Program.  This is the inaugural year for the program, and we have been so lucky to have some amazing Community members step up to share their knowledge and time.   They truly are Champions in our eyes.  


Every Champion has different strengths, and here are just a few things that make each of them special.     


On our Community homepage, we are featuring Champions who have been part of the Community from almost the very beginning - @SteveChase and @lynda both joined the Community in July of 2017 when we first launched and were active right away.   They are members #218 and 230, respectively, and have definitely helped build Community into what it is today.  


In our Q&A forums, we are featuring Champions who have contributed hundreds of answers and have shared their program and real-life accounting knowledge with all of us for years now.   @john-pero@Pete_Mc, and @BigRedConsulting go above and beyond to help out our members every single day.  They were also highly engaged earlier this year when the CARES Act and FFCRA were passed and questions were flooding in about what this meant for small businesses, jumping in to help out immediately.     


Finally, in our Business Discussion forums we are featuring our Champions who have helped us grow engagement outside of the Q&A forums, and are helping raise awareness outside of our little corner of the internet.    @ParkwayInc and @lynda embody the spirit of community in everything they do, including their own Facebook group.  


We are incredibly thankful for your contributions, Champions!  


Think that you might want to be part of the Champions program?  We are always looking for passionate and knowledgeable people who want to make a difference.   If you are at all interested, please don't hesitate to reach out, we would love to talk to you!


Want to be featured in future months? 

  • Remember to be engaged and help highlight the good that you see.   
  • If you have helpful information for others, share it and if you want to hear what others think, don't be afraid to start a discussion.  

Good luck and we'll see you here again next month! 

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