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In Case You Missed It! (12/15/17)




Happy Friday, QB Community!


Welcome to our round-up of inspiring and thought-provoking conversations happening in our community this week. Click the links below to see what you may have missed. You just might find the information you’ve been looking for!



We *love* featuring amazing small businesses and their stories in the QuickBooks Community. In this one, we meet an entrepreneur who combined parenting experience with professional expertise to create a fantastic product made close to home:

Architect Katharine Huber Navigates a Manufacturing Maze to Build Wit Design


Burning Question

Might you be someone who wonders, what’s all the fuss about “crowdfunding”? Whether you’re looking for the basic 4-1-1 or seeking step-by-step crowdfunding ideas, check out this pair of articles:

How to Launch a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign (Crowdfunding Part One)

“Backed by QuickBooks” Gives Cash to Compelling Campaigns (Crowdfunding Part Two)

(P.S. We’ll have more for you about crowdfunding next week!)


Let’s Talk QuickBooks

We’ve been busy collecting helpful QuickBooks tips and tricks in advance of the end of the calendar year:

Workflow Hacks - QBO Shortcuts


On Your Mind Right Now

QB Community member Mr_Haberdash asked about a perplexing problem many entrepreneurs face -- how and when is it best to transition from your regular job and go all-in on your business idea. What do you think?

Can’t Serve Two Masters...


Before You Go

Celebrity interior designer Nate Burkus spoke at QuickBooks Connect in San Jose, California, last month. During his on-stage conversation (you can watch for yourself in the post below!) he asked some thought-provoking questions about money. How do your thoughts about money influence the decisions you make with it?

"I'm going to take the risks that I truly believe will pay off for me." -- Nate Burkus


Have a lovely weekend!




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Level 6

In Case You Missed It! (12/15/17)

Here's another great piece we posted this week!

Help! Everything You Need to Know to Make the Most of Our QB Community


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