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Level 1

Posting journal entries with various dates



I have a prepayment I want to post for whole year (FEB TO DEC) . So it should have same journal no., amount, description, debit/credit, etc for each journal. Only the month should be different.


A.t.m. I can only post journal per each date.


What I would actually like to be able to do is:

-Post one journal. 

Input description, amount, etc.

-But, I don't want to post 12 journals for 12 months with same info.


Is there a simpler way to do this?




Level 11

Posting journal entries with various dates

Utilize the 3rd party tool to import your JE data in bulk


The template should be like this

10101/10/2020Wire TransferFALSE  Savings-50.00Credit Savings   
10101/10/2020Wire TransferFALSE  Checking50.00Debit Checking   
10201/10/2020Wire TransferFALSE  Savings200.00Debit Savings   
10201/10/2020Wire TransferFALSE  Checking-200.00Credit Checking   
Level 10

Posting journal entries with various dates



I would use the Recurring Journal Entry feature in QBO (Gear icon > Lists > Recurring Transactions > Select New > Type = Journal Entry). You can select Reminder Type if you want the same JE number. Normally, you don't use the same JE number, you want to use something like 1000-1, 1000-2 and so on numbering. 


There is no need to waste money and buy a 3-rd party app just to enter a simple transaction as you want.





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