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Workflows-Invoice approval- Description/reason of why invoice is denied

I have a new client that is construction industry. We want to utilize qbo workflows to set up an approval process for invoicing their customers. I was excited when I saw this feature becuase I thought it would allow for a seamless workflow in which the bookkeeper can create an invoice, send for approval, the construction manager gets notified that an invoice is requiring approval, and then they can either approve, which should notify the bookkeeper, or deny and provide what changes need to be made for approval. Once we set it up and got started, we learned quickly that if the construciton manager denies the invoice, there is no place in the process to let the bookkeeper know why it was denied. Ideally, they could deny with notes and state "please also charge for a 2x2 filter" or "don't forget sales tax is excluded for this customer", or whatever notes necessary, so that the bookkeeper could go in and make those changes then push back out for approval. Does anyone know if this is available in some work around way or if qbo is ever going to finish developing this feature?

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QuickBooks Team

Workflows-Invoice approval- Description/reason of why invoice is denied

I understand the importance of being able to let the bookkeeper know the reason for the denied invoice, Angela. I've got some information that can help you with this. 


In QuickBooks, there's no specific field where we can enter the descriptions to let the bookkeeper know the reason for the denied approval. As a workaround, you can review the conditions in the Workflows window just to verify what info to include in your workflow.


Here's how: 


  1. Go to the Workflows menu located at the left navigation panel.
  2. Click the My Workflows tab to see the created workflows. 
  3. Choose a workflow.
  4. In the Actions column, press the colon button. Then hit Edit.
  5. In the Edit workflow, review the following: 


  • Do this in QuickBooks: make sure that you've got the right email.
  • When this happens: verify or make an edit on what info must be included in your workflow.


       6. After making these changes, click Save.


If you want to learn more about how to set up workflows to send reminders to your customers or your team, you may see this article: Use workflows in QuickBooks Online Advanced to send reminders.


For further concerns regarding workflows, feel free to reply or reach out to the Community. We're here to help you. Stay safe. 

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