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3rd party Direct deposits creates negative paycheck

I am using a 3rd party for direct deposit so I have a PR item for a 100% deduction from net pay.  right now this creates a negative paycheck because i have a few other net pay deductions, thus the pay check is negative by the same amount as the other net pay deductions. How can I control the order of deductions so the DD is the last of the net pay deductions and creates a $0 check?

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QuickBooks Team

3rd party Direct deposits creates negative paycheck

I know how important it is to ensure your paycheck shows the correct amount, alecaleca. I'm here to make sure this gets taken care of.


I'd suggest reaching out to your 3rd party direct deposit support to help you control the order of deductions so it'll create a $0 check. They can guide you through the process to ensure the paycheck is accurate.


Additionally, I've included these articles that'll help you view useful information about your business and employees. This way, you can track the details that matter most to your business:



I'm only a few clicks away if you need assistance with your other QuickBooks tasks, alecaleca. It's always my pleasure to help you out again.

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3rd party Direct deposits creates negative paycheck

well, thanks however this has nothing to do with a 3rd party.  it has to do with QB PR items deducting from net pay.  If my net pay is $108, and I set up a PR item called #2 to deduct 100% of net pay and place it in a PR liability account, I would like to have another PR item called disability to deduct $8 from the $108 BEFORE PR item #2 to net $100, and then have the $100 deducted and placed in the PR liability account. Instead, PR item #2 is deducting $108 and then the disability PR item is deducting $8 so the net check is -$8 instead of $0. 

QuickBooks Team

3rd party Direct deposits creates negative paycheck

I appreciate you for getting back, @alecaleca. Let me share with you some insights about creating zero net paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT).


The system calculates deductions based on the setup from the Payroll Item List. To create a zero check, you have to enter the payroll item #2 rate, instead of its percentage. An example is the following:


  • Net Pay: $108
  • Deduction 1: $8
  • PR #2: $100 (enter the amount instead of 100%)


I'm adding these screenshots for your visual references.


You can also revisit the payroll setup from the Payroll Item List in case you want to make changes to your items. For an additional guide, open this article: Edit a payroll item.


For more tips, while processing zero net paychecks in QuickBooks, you can review the topics from this link: Create a zero net paycheck. The same article also gives you insights on how to record a gift made to an employee in case you need it in the future.


If you have any other questions while tracking your direct deposit payroll entries in QBDT, let me know by adding a comment below. I'm more than happy to help you again. Keep safe!

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