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Cash tips

I own a restaurant.  I have an employee that gets a $0.00 paycheck on pay day.  

I enter hours worked @ $5.05 and his cash tips for the pay period.  Is there a higher federal tax for cash tips?  His cash tips are always high, but just don't understand why he always gets a $0.00 pay check.  Any insights?

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QuickBooks Team

Cash tips

It's nice to have you visit our Community space, saltys2.


Cash tips refer to the tips that your employees receive directly from customers in the form of cash. These tips do not impact your employees' paychecks, regardless of their amount. Additionally, there is no separate federal tax rate for cash tips, as the system calculates them as regular pay type based on IRS guidelines. The gross pay may be low, the reason why he gets a $0.00 paycheck.


However, if it's correctly set up in your account, I'd recommend contacting our Payroll Support to further investigate this matter.


Check out this article to learn how to report your employee’s earned tips within the program: Pay and report tips.


The Community is available 24/7 to assist you. Simply comment down below if you have additional inquiries. 

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