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Costs per Job by Employee

I am trying to find out how much cost is associated with an individual employee on a specific job.  I've tried numerous reports but cannot find one that will let me filter by Customer:Job (Name) AND Employee (Source Name).  Does such a report exist?

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Costs per Job by Employee

I know a report you can open to view the cost associated with your employees, @h8r.


You can pull up the Employee Time & Cost report in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT). Allow me to discuss the details so you'll be able to run this smoothly.


To open the report, simply go to the Employees & Payroll section. Here's how:

  1. In your QBDT program, click the Reports menu.
  2. Next, hover over to the Employees & Payroll section and click More Payroll Reports in Excel.
  3. Then, choose Employee Time & Costs.
  4. You'll be asked to select the correct date range for the report.
  5. When done, an Excel sheet will open containing data for the cost per employee to a particular Customer:Job.


You'll also want to modify your QBDT reports to filter the data you needed the most. Simply click the Customize Report button to begin editing. 


Once the modification is finished, you can save these changes to apply and use the same format in the future. 


I'm always ready to help in case you have any other questions about accessing reports to view information for your employees. Please leave your comment below. Take care and have a great day ahead.

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Costs per Job by Employee

Hi @DivinaMercy_N , 

Thank you for your response.  The report you suggested may work, but I was hoping for a report that included wages AND taxes.  Can that report be modified to include the payroll taxes associated?

QuickBooks Team

Costs per Job by Employee

Glad to have you here in the Community, @h8r.


Yes, you can consider manually adding a column for Payroll Taxes on your Excel File. Once done, you can proceed with entering the data intended for that section and save the file.


Additionally, here are some articles to help you in the future:



Please know that I'm just a click away if you need assistance with your QuickBooks-related concerns. Assisting you is my joy. Keep safe and have a good one!


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