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Direct Deposit pay schedule

I use QuickBooks pro 2022. I am trying to find a way to print a schedule of my submit dates based on my pay schedule of my monthly pays on the 3rd and 18th. I have not been able to find a report that will help me get a list of due dates in the future. Not just the current payday listing in the employee center.

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QuickBooks Team

Direct Deposit pay schedule

I can see that having a report that shows payroll due dates is important to your business. I'm here to provide some information about this, requirements.


QuickBooks Desktop provides different kinds of reports that will show to you the different aspects of your business and employees. For now, running a report that wil show due dates of your payroll is unavailable. You'll want to let our product team know how useful is this for your business by sending feedback. To do this, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Go the Help menu, select Send Feedback Online
  2. Choose Product Suggestion

Furthermore, you may also want to run reports and export them to consolidate with one report. For more information, I've added this article for more detailed steps: Export Reports As Excel Workbooks in QuickBooks Desktop.


Reach out to us if you have any questions about payroll reports in QuickBooks Desktop. We're always right here to help.


Level 1

Direct Deposit pay schedule

That doesn't help me because there is no dates available in the reports except for past pay dates. There are no reports at all that show future pay dates that I can find in my Pro 2022.

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