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E-mailing Paystubs

When sending paystubs by e-mail in QuickBooks, is there a way to delay the delivery of the e-mails to the employees?

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QuickBooks Team

E-mailing Paystubs

Hi there, mnmcgeecpa.


It's a pleasure to see you in the Community. I'd be happy to provide some insight about e-mailing paystubs in QuickBooks.


To clarify, are you using the ViewMyPaycheck feature to send the paystubs to your employees? If so, then there's an option we can use in the Admin settings which may delay the delivery until the paycheck date.

  1. Go to and log into your account.
  2. Click the Gear icon located right next to your company name.
  3. Select Preferences, then Hide future dated checks. Make sure this option is checked.

We also offer this information in our guide on how to use the ViewMyPaycheck Company View for your convenience. It also contains screenshots that you may find helpful.


Keep in touch with me here if there's anything else you need. I always got your back. Thanks for reaching out, wishing you and your business the best.

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E-mailing Paystubs

Thanks for the information.


I am not currently using ViewMyPaycheck to send paystubs to our employees.  When I go to print paystubs, I select the e-mail option and e-mail the paystubs out of QuickBooks through my e-mail program (Outlook).  Before I used this feature, I would manually send an e-mail through Outlook.  Doing that, I was able to delay the delivery.  However, it was a more tedious task.


How can I found out the cost of using ViewMyPaycheck?

QuickBooks Team

E-mailing Paystubs

Hello there, mnmcgeecpa.


Thanks for  getting back to us. Allow me to jump in and provide some additional information about E-mailing Paystubs in QuickBooks Desktop. 


Delaying the delivery of paystub for your employee's until the paycheck date using QuickBooks outlook is currently unavailable. For the meantime, you can use the workaround provided by my colleague to use the ViewMyPaycheck. You can use this feature without any cost as long as you have an active payroll subscription.


Since the option you're looking for is unavailable and I can see how this feature would be helpful for you,  I can see how this feature would be helpful for you, I'd recommend sending feedback directly to our product developers for future updates.


Here's how you can send feedback: 

  1. Click Help
  2. Select Send Feedback Online.
  3. Click Product Suggestion.
  4. Fill in the feedback info.
  5. Click Send Feedback

You may also check the article provided by my colleague AldrinS to learn more about ViewMyPaycheck. 


Please know that you're always welcome to post if you have any other concerns about e-mailing Paystub. Have a good day ahead.

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E-mailing Paystubs

Thank you for the quick response. 

I greatly appreciate it. 

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