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file previous weeks payroll

Maybe a bit of a confusing problem but I'm new to this way of accounting! I've just hired my first employee so I'm setting up a payroll for the first time, employee started working for me on 18/09 but I was still awaiting my employer PAYE number at this point ( I read it would be allowed to file a late payroll due to waiting fort he number) .  I've transferred the employee his agreed weekly salary the past three weeks while waiting for the numbers to arrive as he has bills to pay and receives Universal Credit so couldn't be without income, I  was under the impression it would be possible to add these as a 'backpay' of sorts, now I cant seem to run a payroll for the dates I need and I got myself in a bit of a pickle! employee hasn't paid tax on the previous weeks as we didn't know what he would owe, can anyone advise me on how to sort this mess and file the payrolls for the previous three weeks (on a weekly basis) could I file a 0.00 for the weeks on payroll and add a lump sum payment or similar  to cover wages paid to him? any help greatly appreciated, this is a steep learning curve!

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QuickBooks Team

file previous weeks payroll

Runnng payroll is quick and easy. I'll guide you on how you can do this with your previous weeks payroll, Martin.


With QuickBooks Online Payroll (QBOP), if you've already paid your employees but haven't run payroll yet, you can add their pay in a lump sum payment. Do this from the special set up.


But before that, we require some useful information to be able to proceed with the process. Once done, heres how to get into the setup. 


  1. Sign in to QuickBooks Online as the primary admin.
  2. Go to Payroll, and then select Overview.
  3. If you haven’t already, add all of your employees paid this year in the Tell us about your team task. Include all employees that no longer work for you. Make sure to set up each pay item, deduction, contribution and tax showing on their pay stubs or reports.

  4. Next to Add your payroll history, select Start.


After that, enter how much you paid your employees.Here's how:


  1. Select Enter next to your first employee.
  2. Answer the questions about when you paid your employee.
  3. Use the employee pay stubs or payroll reports to enter the amounts in each column. If you’re missing an item, exit the history task and add it to your employee through the Tell us about your team task.


To give you more on the details with the process, go through this article for the information: Add Pay History To QuickBooks Online Payroll.


Moreover, learn the flexibility on how you want your payroll taxes filing are being handled. And at the same time how you pay and file taxes. See this great resource for your reference moving forward: Pay And File Payroll TAxes And Forms In QuickBooks Online Payroll.


Let me know if there's  a confusion on your part when running payroll. I'm always here if you need help.

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