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Full Service Payroll Ideas

  1.  More hourly payroll items (currently the max hourly items is 7) I need way more! we have lots of different job types.
  2.  More Salary types (currently 1) I don't know any company that has one salary payroll type.
  3.  Case Center for payroll notices received and being handled by full service payroll. would like to know status.
  4.  Employee Self Onboarding - it would be awesome if all we needed was an employees email and they could onboard themselves with their tax info, bank account numbers because sometimes reading an employees hand written form is next to impossible.  Especially when we go through a lot of employees (I am an accountant and currently have around 200-300 employees between multiple restaurants)

All of my clients are full service (I don't allow my clients to choose anything but full service).


I feel like these should be some key features to be developed ASAP.  

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QuickBooks Team

Full Service Payroll Ideas

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, CPADILLA1988.


Your feature request will really help us to stay in tune with what our customers need, want, and expect. I can definitely understand why these would be handy, though. Having these features would greatly increase your client's performance and save time. I'll personally show your suggestions to our product developers. This way, these might be given a chance to be added to our next product updates.


You'll want to contact the Full Service Payroll support. This way, our specialist can check if there are workarounds for your feature request.


Here's how:

  1. Select Help (?) at the top right.
  2. Click Contact Us.
  3. Enter "Feature request" in the description.
  4. Hit Let's talk.
  5. Select Get a callback or Start a chat to connect with a live support agent.

You can refer to the screenshots below:


HELP1&2.png HELP3@4.png HELP5.png


If you have any other questions, just let us know and we'll be happy to help. 


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