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Travis Vest
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Has my employer sent out direct deposit of my paycheck? Can I look up the status? Help

I’m an employee for bob Dooley electric I received the paystub for Jan 4th-10th. It also says it goes out to deposit in our account on Friday jan12th. My bank account doesn’t show that the deposit has not been received on their end but I always get it by 12:01 am on the specified day. How can I confirm that either my employer or quick books has already sent out the deposit. Any way I can check the status of my pay on your end?

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Has my employer sent out direct deposit of my paycheck? Can I look up the status? Help

Hello there, Travis.


To verify whether your employer has sent out the direct deposit of your paychecks, you can contact your employer to get the correct information. Therefore, checking the status on your end is not currently an option.


You can let your employer follow these steps to check your direct deposit status:


  1. Navigate to the Employees section and choose View Payroll Run Status.
  2.  Under the Recent payrolls section, pick a payroll. 
  3. Click on the dropdown menu for View Payroll Run Status drop-down arrow.
  4. Then, choose Selected payroll. This will display the status of the paycheck in the Payroll status window.


Then, here are the meanings of the direct deposit payroll statuses. These messages are for your employer's side.


  • Sent to Intuit. Your payroll has been received, and we are currently processing it.
  • Sent to Bank. The debit request for your bank account has been sent.
  • Payroll processed. We deducted the amount from the employer's account and transferred the payroll to employees' banks.


If these steps won't work on your employer's side, please post again and confirm what specific QuickBooks product they use. This way, I can provide accurate steps to review the DD status. 

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