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horrendous terrible customer service

It's been over six weeks with numerous phone calls, chats and e-mails.  QB either does not respond or if they do respond, they cant answer basic questions and then we get put on hold and after 25 to 45 minutes, then we are deliberately disconnected.  Other times , they say they someone will call you back and of course that doesn't happen.  The QB desktop conversion to QB on line has not gone well at all and employees need to get paid.  QB has terrible customer service and lack the expertise of their own product.  They refuse to provide a supervisor name or phone number.  They don't have account manager or a way to escalate questions/issues.  I've read through the community comments and this terrible customer service is a consistent theme.  Has anyone had success getting resolution with QB and how have you done it?   

QuickBooks Team

horrendous terrible customer service

We don't want you to feel this inconvenience, @ellyndunne. Please know that helping you is our top priority.


I can see how urgent you need to fix the issue with converting QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) to QuickBooks Online (QBO). And that's why you directly called our support team. However, here in the Community, we're always around to lend a hand. We're ready to help with any concerns you may have so you can get back to working order.


There is some information that doesn't convert when importing payroll data from QBDT to QBO, like payroll item breakdowns and employee year-to-date numbers. However, liability refunds, adjustment transactions, and opening balance transactions that affect accounts convert to journal entries.


In this case, you'll have to complete your payroll setup in QBO to pay your employee. Here's how:


  1. Select Workers from the left menu.
  2. In the "Paid in [Year]" column, be sure each employee who received a paycheck this year is switched to Yes. Note: Employees who haven't been paid in the current year will automatically be listed as No.
  3. To enter and/or verify your year-to-date payroll totals and employee info, select Complete payroll setup.
  4. To complete the setup, follow the onscreen instructions.
  5. Use "Run Payroll" once you're ready to pay your employees.

For additional information, you can read this article: What to do after converting from QuickBooks Desktop for Windows or Mac to QuickBooks Online.


As always, feel free to visit our QuickBooks Community help website if you need tips and related articles in the future.


Please know you can continue to reach me here with any additional questions. Thanks for coming to the Community, wishing you continued success.

Level 1

horrendous terrible customer service

having trouble with same thing.  any suggestion for me

QuickBooks Team

horrendous terrible customer service

Let me share some additional information when having an issue converting data, @veryunhappycustomer.


When importing payroll data from QuickBooks Desktop to Online, transactions and payroll accounts are converted to balance your books. However, payroll item breakdowns and employee year to date numbers don't convert. 


 You can check out this article when setting up payroll in QuickBooks Online: Converting data from QuickBooks Desktop to Online.


On the other hand, if you received an error while converting your data, it might be that QuickBooks Online detects that you activated payroll features like Billing HoldDirect Deposit Enrollment, and E-Services Enrollment. You’ll also get an error if your payroll is off in QuickBooks Desktop while it’s on in QuickBooks Online.


 To fix this error, you can follow the steps below:


  1. In your QuickBooks Desktop account, click the Edit menu at the top and select Preferences, then Payroll & Employees.
  2. In Company Preferences, select the Full Payroll or Online Payroll.


 You can also use this article to fix common errors when converting payroll data: Fix errors when converting data.


 Don't hesitate to post a comment below if you have further concerns about converting data. I'll appreciate the opportunity to help you. Stay inside and take care always!

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