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How can i void a 1099?

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How can i void a 1099?

Hi there, elisamapino,


I appreciate your time visiting us today. I can share some information about voiding 1099 reports.


Once you successfully submitted your 1099 forms electronically, there isn't an option to undo or void them. If you need to make corrections to your filing, you'll need to make corrections in a printed copy and send it by mail to the IRS.


For more information about correcting a 1099 form that has already been e-filed, please check this IRS publication: General Instructions for Certain Information Returns 


While we currently don't have correction forms for 1099-MISC. You'll need to manually handle any errors to a recipient's 1099 form that has already been reported:

  • Provide the recipient with a corrected form.
  • Prepare and file the applicable corrected forms to the IRS and state tax agency.

You can visit the website for your correction options. That should get you on the right track, elisamapino.


Please keep me in the loop if you need further help. I'm here to lend you a hand. All the best!

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How can i void a 1099?

 I already efiled my 1099 NEC's with the IRS, however one of them was incorrect. Do I have to void it and issue a new one?  The individual received a 1099 with his name and social security, however he needs it under his company and it's Employee Identification Number. Is this considered a correction or a void when I fillout the new 1099?

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How can i void a 1099?

I submitted a 1099 MISC with the incorrect SS#. I resubmitted a new form with the correct information. Now I have duplicates one with the correct info and one with the incorrect info. How can I correct this error? Should I submit a correction? will that cause a duplicate? Thanks in advance. 

QuickBooks Team

How can i void a 1099?

Thanks for joining us here, cennamed09. I'll share some details about filing 1099s.


In case the first or duplicate 1099 has already been rejected due to an incorrect SSN, you can go to the 1099 filings tab and click Void forms. This will help you void the tax forms that have been rejected.


If the submitted 1099 contains incorrect company names or tax IDs, then you can submit a corrected 1099 form. However, please note that QBO does not support this type of correction at the moment.


As a workaround, you can send a letter to the IRS with the following info:


  1. Name and address of the payer. 
  2. Type of error (including the incorrect payer name/TIN that was reported). 
  3. Tax year. 
  4. Payer TIN. 
  5. Transmitter Control Code (TCC). 
  6. Type of return. 
  7. Number of payees. 
  8. Filing method (paper or electronic). 
  9. Was federal income tax withheld?


Then, send it to the following address:


Internal Revenue Service 

Information Returns Branch

230 Murall Drive, Mail Stop 4360

Kearneysville, WV 25430


Additional details about this are discussed here: Correct Or Change 1099s In QuickBooks.


I'd also like to share articles about filing 1099s for more guidance and resources:



Please know the Community is always here if you need anything else related to 1099 filings or QuickBooks Online in general, cennamed09. We're happy to offer guidance and assistance whenever you need it.


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