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GW Boles
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How do i go back and add deductions made before i got paid?

im a Trucker running my own company. O/O but leased on with another company. Earlier in the year before i started using Quickbooks, A company i hauled for Gave us a fuel card to use that they would deduct each paycheck. Very Big write off. They also deducted a 30% commission, Insurance and other fee's before they paid my company for loads delivered. My CPA now doesnt want all the receipts i saved, she wants me to go back and enter them all. But fuel receipts came out pre payment and dont show up on my bank statements. How do i go back and add them? Is it complicated? My CPA offered to show me but at 500 dollars a phone call, i figured id ask here first.  

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How do i go back and add deductions made before i got paid?

yes it is a bit complicated.
QB is perpetual and there is no info only type of entry, so any historical entry you make will affect current balances.
Lose the CPA and find a cheaper one.

Look around for a QB consultant who understands truckers, there are some.


And truthfully QB is not the best thing for truckers, google for trucker accounting software. There are packages designed especially for the situations you find yourself dealing with.

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