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How to set Week Start in QuickBooks Online Payroll


Wages and overtime are calculated based on a work week, not calendar week, so it's important to set a week start in QuickBooks Online Payroll, which applies to all employees in the company.


To set a week start in QuickBooks Online Payroll Premium or Elite, go to:


  1. Workers>Employees
  2. Edit an employee
  3. Under How much do you  pay?  select Add additional pay types.
  4. Select  Overtime Pay  and enter the week start date.  If you don't want overtime for that employee, uncheck Overtime Pay after selecting week start.
  5. For TSheets to calculate overtime, go to: TSheets> Company Settings> Payroll & Overtime> Overtime and select the appropriate checkbox for start calculating overtime. 


To set a week start in QuickBooks Online Payroll Core for QuickBooks Essentials, Plus or Advanced, go to:


  1. Gear>Account and Settings
  2. Advanced> Time Tracking
  3. Check Make Single-Time Activity Billable to Customerand set the week start date.  If you do not want billable time, uncheck Make Single-Time Activity Billable, but the week start will remain.  Now QuickBooks Online timesheets will show the week start.


For more information about week start from the Department of labor, click here.


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