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I need my service key so I can do payroll.

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QuickBooks Team

I need my service key so I can do payroll.

Hello there, @jrhplumbinginc.


Glad to have you here in the Community. I'm here to assist you activating your service key so you can run your payroll.


Did you purchase QuickBooks Desktop Payroll online or by phone? If so you must activate the service in QuickBooks Desktop by entering the service key. If you bought the Payroll service from a retail store, you must activate your payroll license online to get the service key. Please check out this article about activating a payroll service purchased from a retail store.


If you don't have your service key, you can try using our Automated Service Key/Disk Delivery Key Tool. You must sign in using your Intuit Account login.


To enter the service key in QuickBooks Desktop:


  1. From the Employees menu,
  2. Select on Payroll.
  3. Select on Enter Service Key.
  4. If you have an existing payroll subscription, you are prompted to specify if you want to add this file to your payroll subscription.
  5. Select Skip to go to the Service Key window, or Add File to add this file to an existing Payroll subscription.
  6. Select Add.
  7. Enter the service key, and select Next.
  8. A confirmation message appears.
  9. Select Finish.

For more details about this process, please check on this article: Activate QuickBooks Desktop Payroll.


However, if you need assistance with this procedure feel free to reach out to our Customer Care Team. They have an extra tool to check on your service key.


To do that:

  1. In your browser, navigate to
  2. Choose QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. Select the issue or topic.
  4. Click the Green Phone button to get the support number.

This should get you on track.


Please let me know if there's anything else you need. I'll be around to help you out. Have a great day!

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Level 1

I need my service key so I can do payroll.

I need my payroll service key and pin numbers. So can let my cpa handle my payroll. 


I need my service key so I can do payroll.

I'm here to help you get the payroll service key and PIN in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT), ton 1.


You're given the 16-digit service key that is specific to your EIN  when you purchase the payroll. You'll find this on your email after buying the product. 


If you're unable to locate this information, you can use the automated tool to retrieve the data. If you bought the payroll service from a retail store, you can contact them so they can provide the information.


If you've bought it from us, I recommend contacting our QBDT Payroll Team. They can provide the information for you.


On the other hand, you can send a request to your Support Team if you can't remember your current PIN. Let me show you how:

  1. Download the PIN request form.
  2. The form must be signed by the Primary Principal or Secondary Principal.
  3. Indicate the EIN (Employer Identification Number) of the company that is requesting for PIN change.
  4. Photocopy/Picture of any government-issued ID (e.g. driver s license) of the Primary Principal.
  5. Send the requirements to:
    Fax: 1-520-901-6918

Just a heads up, the Primary Principal is the person you have assigned as the owner of the company when you signed up for the direct deposit service.


After sending those requirements, you need to contact us to get the new PIN. Once you have the information, you can activate the payroll service in QuickBooks. And, send Direct Deposit paychecks to your employees.


Let me know if you need anything else concerning payroll. Just leave a comment below, and I'll be right here to help you.

Level 1

I need my service key so I can do payroll.


Level 1

I need my service key so I can do payroll.

I need service key for payroll its says i'm active but you never send us the service key every year the same thing how do I get it


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