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Manual Payroll Checks

I have a few manual payroll checks issued to employee paying gross wages not net of taxes. I saw the taxes and gross pay on the payroll detail reports (outside company). The payroll taxes EE/ER were taken out of the bank account. I did journal entries for net pay for this one employee. What should I do here?

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QuickBooks Team

Manual Payroll Checks

Help has arrived, @thetaxlady. I’d be glad to help you fix this issue about taxes and gross pay showing the payroll detail reports in QuickBooks Online.


About this matter, you’ll need to create a journal entry for paychecks created outside of QBO.


Here’s how:

  1. Get your employees' payroll pay stubs or a payroll report from your payroll service.
  2. Select + New.
  3. Select Journal Entry.
  4. Under the Journal date, enter the paycheck date.
  5. If you want to track the paycheck number, enter it in the Journal no. field.

To generate the journal entry, use the information from your paycheck report. You can combine all of your employees' paycheck totals into one journal entry if you paid multiple employees for the pay period. If you need to separate the details, you can write separate journal entries for each employee.


Additionally, I would recommend contacting our Payroll Support team if you need further assistance with this process.


For more additional info about the process, feel free to read this article: Manually enter payroll paychecks in QuickBooks Online.


You can also visit this article to learn on how to print paychecks in QuickBooks Online.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. I'll get back here as soon as I can to help you again. Thanks for dropping by, wishing you a good one!

Level 2

Manual Payroll Checks

I did the Journal Entry exactly from the payroll detail report. The net pay is $424.49. The manual check was written for the gross of $487.50. The Payroll Taxes of $63.01 were debited from the bank account. Cannot match to the net pay JE because of the discrepancy.

QuickBooks Team

Manual Payroll Checks

I appreciate the things that you’ve done, @thetaxlady. Allow me to point you to the right direction for support.


Keep in mind that journal entries require an understanding of debits and credits. With that said, it's best to reach out to your accountant for assistance. If you don't have one, we'll help you find someone who can help you through the Find a ProAdvisor page.


Keep me updated on how things turn out. I want to make certain that you receive the assistance you require. Stay hydrated and Keep safe! 

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