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Online Payroll IIF File Bug?


Currently using Intuit online payroll with QuickBooks Desktop 2021. The iif file downloaded from Intuit online payroll generates an error during import.


This is because the TRNSTYPE for "Direct Deposit Payable" is CHECK in the iif file, but QuickBooks expects something else... that is the error message I get when I try to import the file.  Changing the TRNSTYPE to GENERAL JOUNRAL enables the upload into desktop to work. 


Can someone at Intuit fix the iif file, so that I do not have to manually edit the journals each payroll?



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Online Payroll IIF File Bug?

Thanks for sharing the details of your concern, @Anonymous.


When importing transactions, we need to ensure that the format is accurate. You can review the iif file created and ensure that the mapping is correct like the headers of the General Journal entry to avoid any errors during import.


You may check out this article to learn more about the correct headers to be used in each transaction: IIF Overview: import kit, sample files, and headers


However, if the mapping is correct, I'd recommend contacting our Customer Care support. They can conduct further investigation of what's causing this behavior and help you fix it.


I'm adding the steps below on how you can reach them:


  1. Click Help, then choose QuickBooks Help.
  2. Click on the Contact us link at the bottom.
  3. Enter a brief description of your issue and click Continue.
  4. Choose Start messaging to connect with an expert.


I'm adding these articles to learn more about IIF import and maximum numbers you can make in QuickBooks:



Please let me know if you have other concerns. I'm just around to help. Take care always.

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Online Payroll IIF File Bug?

Thanks for your response.

Intuit Customer Care support was not very helpful that's why I posted on this forum, hoping that someone at Intuit who deals with iif files can help fix it. I was initially told that the export of iif file from online payroll was not possible, and then later informed that no customer care support is provided for issues related to iif files.

I guess I will have to continue manually editing the downloaded files until a fix is found.

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Online Payroll IIF File Bug?

Importing payments to employees or to Intuit for the overall payroll should work when the type is a Check, as long as the Account used on the TRNS row is a bank account. 


I would think that this is the model for the import, since any payments to Intuit or to individual employees will come from your bank account.


If the TRNS account is not a Bank type account on your chart of accounts, then that's the issue.


What do you mean when you write "the TRNSTYPE for "Direct Deposit Payable" is CHECK in the iif file"?

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Online Payroll IIF File Bug?

Very similar/same problem here with IIF exporting from intuit online payroll into QB desktop pro post online payroll conversion to Intuit's new system.  Old intuit system worked fine for last 7+ years.  IIF's starting with 12/31/2020 (we run payroll monthly) have been broken, and just confirmed same issue with exporting payroll for 1/29/21 payroll.  We are left to manually edit .IIF files to get things to import correctly.

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Online Payroll IIF File Bug?

I am having the same issue. iif errors on all direct deposit transactions:  "[ERROR] The record at (or starting at) this line could not be imported. There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks Account "Direct Deposit Payable" in the Check. QuickBooks error message: The account for this transaction must be of type Bank. [3140] ."  I am disappointed, we were forced to use this new untested product. I talked with customer service about the issue and after an hour of trying to fix it I was told "It is a known issue the developers are working on." Judging from this post it has been a known issue for a while that has not been fixed.. This is one of two bugs that I was told "It is a known issue the developers are working on"..(the other is editing a payroll check). Payroll used to take 15 minutes now all these work arounds make it take like 2 hours!?

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Online Payroll IIF File Bug?

Intuit, if you just take out the "Direct Deposit  Payable" lines and have the check go straight to the bank account like the old system did it will solve this problem.  The "Direct Deposit Payable" entry is redundant, it just "tries to" credit and debit the account anyway.

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