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Pagar mi tarjeta de credito con mi cuenta de banco

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Pagar mi tarjeta de credito con mi cuenta de banco

Hola jason9,


I'm glad to help you record the credit card payment using your bank account in QuickBooks Online.


You can enter a check for this. Please follow the steps I've laid out below:

  1. Select the Plus icon (+) at the top.
  2. Choose Check.
  3. In the Bank Account field, choose the bank account from which the payment is made.
  4. Uncheck Print Later if the check was already issued. Once the Check field becomes available, enter the check number. If paid electronically, type EFT in that field.
  5. Enter the name of the credit card (Vendor Name), in the Choose a payee field.
  6. Enter the amount of the payment.
  7. In the Account field, select the credit card.
  8. Choose Save and close.

For the other ways to record a credit card payment in QuickBooks Online, take a look at this article: Record credit card payments in QuickBooks Online.


Just a reminder, we only have English support for QuickBooks Online United States. Please feel free to let me know if your situation doesn't match what is being discussed above. I'll be around to help you anytime.undefined

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