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Payroll Accrued Vacation



I am hoping that someone can help.  Before I cut a bonus check the vacation $ earned used and available were showing.  After a bonus check is cut the YTD used and available shows on the screen but does not print on the cheque.  Can anyone please answer why this is happening?




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Payroll Accrued Vacation

I don't think creating a check of one type or another (they're all really just paychecks) can change how or whether sick/vacation appear on future checks.


Payroll Accrued Vacation

Thanks for bringing this matter to my attention, Amyatcourtstax.


Let's work together to identify why payroll accrued vacation doesn't print on the check when creating a bonus check.


I've replicated this on my end and seems to work fine. To isolate this issue, let's try creating a bonus check on a sample file to see how it works.


If the same thing happens, we can run the Verifying and Rebuild tool in QuickBooks Desktop. This will help us identify the common data issues within your company file. 

Before doing this, let's secure a backup of your company file before performing the troubleshooting steps. You can refer to this article to know more about creating a backup copy of your company file in QuickBooks Desktiop:

Once done, you can now start to verify and rebuild your QuickBooks.

To Verify:

  1. Click File at the top menu.
  2. Go to Utilities.
  3. Select Verify.

To Rebuild:

  1. Click File at the top menu.
  2. Go to Utilities.
  3. Select Rebuild.

Otherwise, It’d be best to reach out to our technical support team. They have the means to investigate the cause and come up with a fix. You can reach them through the steps below:

  1. Visit this link:
  2. Select your product: QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. Choose Pro or Premier.
  4. Scroll down and click the Get Phone Number button.

Keep in touch with me if you have more questions about bonus checks in QuickBooks. I'm here whenever you need further help.

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