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Business Name: TG's Party Store, Inc.


Case ID: PTO263906


Case Type: Correction


Hello Kevin,

 Good Day!

 I hope you are doing well, my name is Angelica assigned to take care of your account for your payroll correction request.


I just want to ask if you already paid this taxes outside the system for Federal Taxes (941/943/944) and MI Income Tax. Please let me know when is your available time to call to discuss it further.


This case will be left open for 24 hours to give you enough time to provide the needed information. This case will be closed if the given time lapse.


You may reply to this email anytime if above information is not correct.

 We aim to accurately resolve the concern that you are contacting us with and provide an excellent customer service experience consistently.


 Depending on the complexity and the number of transactions/employees affected, payroll correction requests usually takes 1-15 business days to complete upon receipt of this email. I will provide you an update as soon as we are able to complete this request and/or if we are unable to complete it within the expected days mentioned above. Any updates/additional information required will be sent to the same email address that we have on file.

 Should you find the need to contact us, please reply to this email as it will be our direct form of communication and we’ll try our best to get back to you as soon as possible either via phone or email.


NOTE: Please DO NOT reply to this email with any attachment containing confidential information and other financial reports. Let us know if you need to send a report/file so we can provide you specific instructions on how to send it to us through a secured channel.


With kind regards,


 QuickBooks Online Payroll Corrections Team


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QuickBooks Team


Hi there, deal1tc.


It looks like the email is from our payroll Corrections Team. Can you tell us if you have questions about this? We just want to make sure that we are giving you the right steps and information to sort this out.


Please reply back to us to share more details. We look forward to it. 

Level 2


I want a payroll expert from QuickBooks to check my payroll throughout the year, I don't think its correct, payroll is confusing, and I did not get an answer or did I get anyone to correct my payroll.  I need the following help:

My payroll for the year

Employee name Kim, her payroll is not correct for August.

Profit and loss statement is not correct, July, august wages are wrong.


why cannot I get someone to correct this for me, do a screen share.

Level 2


My payroll has not been corrected.

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