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Pending SSN for Employee



We have an employee who is authorized to work in the United States, but their SSN is pending; we think the mail delays are affecting it. On other message boards, it looked like we could enter all zero's until the number is received, and then update our tax reports. However, when we sent the employee their onboarding, it won't allow them. Any suggestions? 





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Pending SSN for Employee

I have never used all zero's but I have been able to use [removed] as a placeholder until he receives the SSN. The employee can also call the SSA office and ask them if it has been mailed and they will tell him when to expect it. We had this come up recently as well. 


Pending SSN for Employee

It's my pleasure to give you insights about SSN for Employee, @lcf2108.


Yes, you can enter all zero's until your employees receive their SSN. If the zero's don't work, you can try the suggestion shared by JillD-AGTCPAs to use another number or copy a number from one of your employees, then change the last digit. Just make sure to enter the correct one before filing W-2s to prevent incorrect information on your returns.


The SSN is provided by the IRS, not from QuickBooks. Perhaps, you can search for a dummy one online and enter it on your employee's profile. The IRS will not accept 1099s with SSNs formatted as XX-XXXXXXX, as it recognizes the difference between an SSN and a valid EIN. 


Though, you can also call the SSA office if they already mailed the SSN of your employees. The Social Security Administration (SSA) offers a social security number (SSN) verification and quick access to relevant forms and publications.


Also, as an employer, you'll need to determine first which taxes your employee needs to pay according to his/her visa status. Refer to this article for proper guidance: The exemption status of foreign employees with particular visa types


If you need to file your forms, fill out the W-2s from the IRS website and manually file them to the SSA. See these links to get the form:



Please keep in touch if you need any more assistance with this, or there's something else I can do for you. I've got your back. Have a good day and keep safe, @lcf2108.

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