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Quickbooks Payroll for Contractors that worked in a Project

Hello! I am new to QBO Projects but have run to a problem: I have project expenses for contractors which are paid through QBO Contractor Payroll. How can I link these two? I tried entering the expense through the Project, but this is duplicating the expense and both amounts (Direct Deposit payment & this newly created expense) show when reconciling. 

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Quickbooks Payroll for Contractors that worked in a Project



I'm here to share some information when paying contractor's project.


When you have a QuickBooks payroll account, you don't need to create an expense transaction. Thus, the reason why it shows duplicates. With QuickBooks payroll, you can use your payroll expense to see your labor costs. Keep in mind that you won't see the value in a project until after payroll is processed.


Since you created an expense, you can delete it. Here's how:


  1. Click the Projects tab.
  2. Select the project's name.
  3. Go to the Transactions tab.
  4. Click the expense.
  5. Click More and then Delete.
  6. Select Yes.


I've added this link to know more about profitability by the project: Track hourly labor costs and profitability by project.


The Community team is up 24/7 to help resolve any of your QuickBooks concerns.

Level 1

Quickbooks Payroll for Contractors that worked in a Project

For posterity, I am sharing the solution: keep the project open! They were not showing in the DD register entry because I had them as closed (because they were finished). I decided I was going to match the bank transaction with the expense entry I had created (and then delete the DD entry), but I listened to my intuition just was I was about to delete the DD register entry and tried again. I then noticed that a NEW open project was showing, and the lightbulb went off. I opened the projects (put them in progress) and, BINGO, the projects appeared. Now the expenses are showing in the project and I closed them again. :)

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