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Some of my vendors are not appearing in my 1099 list even though they meet the threshold and are tagged as "1099" in their profile. Thoughts on this?

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Some of my vendors are not appearing in my 1099 list even though they meet the threshold and are tagged as "1099" in their profile. Thoughts on this?

I've got just the thoughts you're looking for on this 1099 issue, @suzie4.


To begin, on Step 4 - Review of the 1099-MISC module, when you click the Filter (funnel icon) and sort to 1099 contractors below threshold, do the missing vendors appear here? There are a couple reasons why this might happen, which I'll detail below:


Verifying the 1099 Accounts

  1. The transactions that contribute to a specific vendor meeting the $600 threshold will only apply if their respective accounts are selected on Step 2 - Accounts.
  2. Start by navigating back to the Expenses tab and the Vendors section. Click the name of a vendor who isn't appearing on your list.
  3. Look through the Category column to see which accounts are used in their transactions. Now, navigate back to the Vendors section again and click Prepare 1099's.
  4. Click Back until you're on Step 2 and verify that all of these accounts are selected on the drop-down menu of any of the 7 boxes.

You can also utilize the new 1099 Transaction Detail Report by navigating to the Reports tab and searching for 1099, then selecting it from the pane below. This statement allows you to compare the amounts from transactions with selected accounts to verify they meet the threshold. I'm attaching a video below in which I quickly verify that a certain vendor's transaction accounts have been included:


Check the Transaction Type

  1. According to IRS publications, any payments made electronically or with credit cards shouldn't be included on the 1099-MISC form (they use the 1099-K instead, which is filed directly through the processor).
  2. Because of this, you'll need to check all of a vendor's transactions to make sure they're either a Check or a Cash Expense.
  3. As an example from the video above, the Bob's Burger Joint vendor has one transaction that is a Credit Card Expense (specified in the Type column of the vendor page). This payment will not be included on the 1099-MISC regardless of the expense account used.

With these resources, you'll have those vendors included on your 1099 forms in no time. We also provide an awesome 1099 troubleshooting guide that I'm sure you'll find helpful. Please keep in touch with me here should you have any additional questions or concerns. Thanks for reaching out and have a great rest of your day.

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