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unable to send paystubs on Desktop 2017 and 2018

A log in comes up but I get an error message with the password.  I request a code and get nothing.  My associate had this problem last week and found a solution something about F11 but she cannot recall it all.  Anyone?

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unable to send paystubs on Desktop 2017 and 2018

Hi there, @penny1040


Thank you for joining the QuickBooks Community. I'd be happy to help share some troubleshooting steps to send the paystubs on QuickBooks Desktop. 


To start, let's make sure that your email preference is set up correctly in QuickBooks.


Here's how to check: 

  1. From the Edit menu, select Preferences.
  2. Click My Preferences tab. 
  3. Check if the preference is set correctly under SEND E-MAIL USING.

After that, let's verify that you have the latest version of Adobe that allows the pay stubs to be converted into the PDF format. 


Here's how: 

  1. On the internet browser address line, type
  2. Select Help then click Check Updates.
  3. Find Adobe Reader 9.3 update or Adobe Acrobat 9.3 Professional update, depending on the version you have.
  4. Select the computer program language listed, such as Windows, or Macintosh.
  5. Follow the steps in the Updater window to download and install the latest updates.

Also, if you're using a webmail account in sending the paystubs, it's possible that it's blocking sign in attempts to your account. To have the right permissions to send emails, you need to enable access for less secure apps or turn off 2-step verification for QuickBooks.


Please check this article for the detailed steps: QuickBooks will not accept my web mail password.


However, if you're using Outlook, I recommend the additional solutions found in this article: QuickBooks is unable to send your email to Outlook.


If you need additional help, feel free to reach out to our Technical Support to get to the resolution quickly. 


Here's how to reach them: 

  1. Go to
  2. Select QuickBooks for Windows.
  3. Select your QuickBooks for Windows version.
  4. Select a topic.
  5. Click on the Get Phone Number button.


That should do it. Feel free to get back in this thread once you've tried the solutions above. I'll be happy to help you further. 

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