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Vermont Health Care Contribution hours calculation

For VT we have to calculate hours for eligible people that chose not to take company insurance and people not eligible.  Is there an option under the employee that would allow us to select their status so when filing quarterly reporting we don't have to go through each person and manually calculate hours?  See screen shot of actual questions asked.  If this isn't an option could I submit a request somewhere that QB add this feature?


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Vermont Health Care Contribution hours calculation

Thanks for reaching out to the QuickBooks Community, @JPS AJ.


Let me help you with this payroll preference concern you're having in QuickBooks Online. 


They way QuickBooks handles contributions is different from the ones on the questionnaire. In QuickBooks, if an employee need to get deducted for contribution, you'll need to set it up in their employee profile. Those who aren't eligible for the contribution, you can just leave their profile as it is.


See this link for the complete steps on how to set up a deduction or contribution: Add or edit a deduction or contribution.

Once you process payroll and add time, QuickBooks will automatically calculate the contribution based on the gross pay or the rate set up for them. I'll be sharing some related links, so you know how each pay types in QuickBooks are reported:



Please know that you can share your suggestions within the program through sending a product feedback. Follow the steps below in a web browser:


  1. Click the Gear icon and choose Feedback.
  2. Enter your suggestion for our engineers on the Feedback box.
  3. Once done, press Next to send it.


If you have any more questions about this topic or have other concerns with the features in QuickBooks, post here again. I'll be right here to help.

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Vermont Health Care Contribution hours calculation

This is not a deduction.  This is a tax the employer has to pay that VT calculates based on hours worked and whether or not the employee has insurance or is eligible for insurance.

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Vermont Health Care Contribution hours calculation

Hi Quickbooks,

I have the same question. But to clarify, this Heath Care Assessment is not a deduction or contribution taken from an employee. It is a "tax" or assessment that is paid only by the employer in certain circumstances. The following is a link to the forms/explanation. 

As employers, we need to know how to enter this in Quickbooks and if there is any easy way to determine the employee count and assessment amount or track what we need to pay within the Quickbooks program.

For example, it only applies if you have 5 or more full-time or equivalent employees. After that, you get to deduct an allowance of 4 employees from the count that the gets assessed the contribution rate/employee.

Here's the form to that we have to use to calculate it.

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