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W-2's not delivered

Hello. I have the Assisted Payroll Service and it is stated in my payroll account  that my employee's W-2's would be mailed out to them by Quickbooks and it is included in my payroll service.  As of January 31, 2022, not one of my employees have received their W-2.  I contacted support on 1/31/22nd 5 times, and after the 5th attempt, I  received a call back.  I was told I needed to wait till the end of day before reporting that they did not arrive.  This was around 1:30pm PST. I explained that I have USPS Informed Delivery and I can see what is going to be delivered by USPS that day and the w-2 was not in the list. Again, he told me to wait till end of day. Well, they didn't arrive. I contacted support again today.  The first time I called, I was told that she was not a payroll expert and gave me another number to call [Removed].  I tried the number and there was a recording that it was no longer the number to reach an expert.  I contacted support again, and received a call back.  She was not a payroll expert either, so she gave me another number to call [Removed].  Guess what? When I called this number, same recording saying this was no longer the number to call to reach an expert. I'm supposed to have round the clock support according to my subscription, but I cannot get reach anyone that can help me. I've tried to track the w-2's using my payroll login in "View Forms", but it takes me to a page error 404.  On a not so separate note, as I mentioned earlier, it was stated in my assisted payroll account that the process of preparing w-2's, e filing w-2's and mailing w-2's directly to the employees was included in my service.  Quickbooks automatically deducted over $200 from my business checking account for those services. Soooo, not sure how QB can state something is included in my service but bill me for an extra charge. I cannot begin to express how frustrated and dissatisfied I am with this whole situation.  Most importantly, WHERE ARE THE EMPLOYEE"S W-2's? And yes, I am aware that I can print up the reissued w-2's from my account, but to me, that is not acceptable. I could have just gone to Staples, purchased a pack of w-2's for $35, and delivered them to employees early in January. Since I was charged for this service, and because it is now February, I expect to receive this service. Someone from Quickbooks Intuit Payroll, please respond.

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W-2's not delivered

Weird that no one from Intuit has responded to your question - with a copy/pasted answer saying to call support again, huh?


Intuit reps, who can of course see the future, have been stating here for a week or two that the W-2s will be delivered on time, presumably just before the deadline. So it must be true.


After all, why send them early when they can be sent at the very last minute?


Also, I'm sure that each time you call Intuit you'll get a rep that can look up your account and tell you when your W-2's were printed and when and to where they were mailed. And give you a tracking number.  I mean, how else could it work?

1099 mailing date
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W-2's not delivered

I don think my 1099 have been mail out

QuickBooks Team

W-2's not delivered

Thank you for getting in touch with us. I'm here to assist you with checking if your W-2 form has been sent. 


To ensure that they're mailed, you can view the status of them. Here's how:


  1. Go to Taxes, then Payroll Tax.
  2. Select Filings.
  3. Click Filter and choose the form or report you want to see. Or scroll down to the filings under Done. You'll see the status next to the tax name. Select Archived forms and filings if you don't see your filing on this screen.

You can also refer to these tax filing statuses:


  • Not Transmitted: You did your part, but we haven't sent it to the IRS, state, or local tax agency yet.
  • Transmitted: We sent the form to the agency. But the agency hasn't processed it yet. The IRS generally processes forms within a few weeks. State agencies can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.
  • Accepted: The agency has received and accepted the form.
  • Rejected: The receiving agency has received and rejected the form. Review the rejection letter emailed to you for the specific reason.

Feel free to read these articles for more details: 



To help you wrap up this year's payroll and prepare for the next. You can read this article: Year-end Checklist for QuickBooks Online Payroll.


If you need further assistance in managing your payroll forms in QBO, please feel free to reply below. I'm always here to help you whenever you need it.

Community Champion

W-2's not delivered

@AbegailS_  RE: Thank you for getting in touch with us. I'm here to assist you with checking if your W-2 form has been sent. 


Who are you responding to?

The OP from two years ago that has Assisted Payroll - and so your instructions don't apply in the least?

The customer who recently asked about 1099's - and so your instructions don't apply in the least?


Maybe next time take three seconds to actually read the thread before copy/pasting a pat answer that doesn't apply. Just a thought.

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