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W2 and Oregon Statewide Transit Tax

When creating W-2's in quickbooks, it doesn't auto-populate the Statewide Transit Tax for the year on the W-2.  Is this something I have to manually enter?  

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QuickBooks Team

W2 and Oregon Statewide Transit Tax

Hello, Steph65.  



Thank you for reaching us here in the Community. Allow me to step in for a moment and help make sure that you can file your Annual Statewide Transit Tax Withholding Return in QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT). 


If you're using the Enhanced Payroll for Accountants, it's likely that it auto-populates on the form because you set up your accountant's information to auto-fill on your payroll tax forms.   


To ensure that you'll be able to view your Oregon Transit Tax in QuickBooks. Make sure you have the latest release of QuickBooks and latest tax table version


To determine this issue, let's go ahead and check you're tax table to verify if this is updated: Here's how to do it: 


  1. Go to the Employees tab.
  2. Select Get Payroll Updates.
  3. You'll see the tax table version beside the Payroll Update Info button. 


We can also verify if the payroll liabilities item already added by going to the Payroll Item List window. Here's how: 


  1. Go to the Lists menu.
  2. Choose Payroll Item List.
  3. Scroll down and look for OR- Statewide Transit Tax Emp


You can also refer to this article for more information about compliance with state payroll tax regulations: Oregon Payroll Tax Compliance.  


Let me know if you need further assistance with this. I'm always around to provide answers and clarifications to your questions. Have a great day ahead and take care!

Level 3

W2 and Oregon Statewide Transit Tax

When setting up each employee in the employee center, you must also assign OR STT under payroll: taxes: other. The same area where you make the OR WBF company and OR WBF employee selection. If it is set up here it will calculate the amount withheld from each paycheck and the total will flow through to the W-2. The total OR STT does not populate/get reported on the W3.

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