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Downloading QB 2018 Premier can't be download securely?

Attempt to Download QB 2018 to new laptop.  Go to Intuit, my account, download and message: Setup_QuickBooksPremier2018.exe can't be download securely. What to do?

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QuickBooks Team

Downloading QB 2018 Premier can't be download securely?

Hi, @7688


I can help you resolve the issue with downloading your QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) Premier 2018. 


Receiving the error message "Setup_QuickBooksPremier22018.exe can't be downloaded securely" is your browser's security measure to avoid downloading insecure content. To resolve this, you can adjust your site settings in your browser. Here are the steps to update your site settings if you're using Chrome:


  1. In your Chrome browser, click the three vertical dots icon on the top right corner.
  2. Select Privacy and security.
  3. Select Site settings.
  4. Scroll down and click on Additional content settings.
  5. Choose Insecure content.
    a. If the Intuit download URL is listed in the Not allowed to show insecure content section, click on the three vertical dots and select Remove.
    b. If the Intuit download URL isn't listed, click the Add button and supply the download site. 


Next, download the QBDT 2018 Premier again following these steps:


  1. Sign in to
  2. Find your app or subscription in the Products & Services list.
  3. Select Details, then Download.
  4. Install QuickBooks Desktop.


However, if you're using Edge or a different browser, I'd recommend collaborating with your IT to update your browser settings.


When this is resolved, let me add this article about moving your QBDT company data from your old computer to your new one: Move or reinstall QuickBooks Desktop to another computer.


We'll be here in the Community if you still aren't able to download QBDT 2018 Premier. We're committed to offering ongoing support. Take care.

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