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I can't get my CC information to download on to quickbooks. I have a Mac, and the company sends a pdf that is not good enough to convert to a QBO file

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QuickBooks Team

Re: I can't get my CC information to download on to quickbooks. I have a Mac, and the company sen...

Hello there, @rsessions04.


I'd be delighted to help download credit card information form QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) Mac file to QuickBooks Online (QBO).


We can import bank/credit card transactions to QBO using the Excel CSV (comma-separated values) files. We can use the 3-column or 4-column format when importing the CSV file. If your bank doesn't support CSV files, you can try to import your data and then upload more than 90 days of bank transactions through Web Connect.


If you've experienced any issues importing the CSV file, make sure your file doesn't break any of the following formatting restrictions:


  • Special characters are not allowed. Do not use ( ) for negative amounts (use -234, not (234) for negative figures). Do not include currency symbols ($234 should be 234). Do not use commas to separate thousands (2, 111 should be 2111). Do not use characters such as #%, and & anywhere in the file.
  • Zeros (0) are not allowed anywhere in the file ($0 should be left blank)
  • Correct any transactions that display an amount in the Description column
  • Remove the word amount if it appears in the name of the Credit or Debit column (Credit amount and Debit amount are incorrect)
  • Correct and standardize the Date format to a single format (for example, dd/mm/yyyy)
  • MAC users must save the file as a Windows CSV file

For the detailed process on how to import transactions from a CSV file, please check this article: Import bank transactions from Excel CSV file to QuickBooks Online


If the issue persists, I suggest getting in touch with our QuickBooks Support to check this further for you.


Please let me know if you have any other questions about converting QBDT files to QBO. Have a good day!


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