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QBWebPatch Silent Installation

So as an MSP with an RMM tool and multiple users that need to have their QB instances updated periodically, I have a question about QBWebPatch and it's ability (or inability) to run silently from a command line. Note, sometime back I created this post: , on whether the download of the QBWebPatch file would be for the latest version, or just the latest version at that point in time, and the answer provided was the is of that point in time....but I digress, that is not what this post is about.


So I am still trying to automate the process, and now my question is whether QBWebPatch can be run silently. If it could that would be a major portion of the update the relative QBWebPatch, then I can automate the installation process. Running the qbwebpatch with /? produces a list of switches (see.screenshot), two of them being /a (automatic), /silent (Display no user interface). I have tried executing qbwebpatch /a /silent (or a combination thereof), and the interface is still being shown.  Why is this when the switch panel states it should not? Is there anyway this can be automated so I can push this out to multiple machines concurrently?


BTW...and of course I know that QB has the automatic update builtin, but this does not always work correctly (especially with UAC and Windows standard users), so something I can push from my RMM would be of great benefit. Ultimately being able to download the latest update and push it out silently would be the bomb!!!



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QuickBooks Team

QBWebPatch Silent Installation

Thanks for sharing your concern in such a great detail, @LThibx.

Being able to silently run the QBWebPatch file would be helpful. Rest assured that I'll relay this message to our team in concern here on my end and add your vote for this one.
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QBWebPatch Silent Installation

Any progress on this?

QuickBooks Team

QBWebPatch Silent Installation

I'll provide you with an update regarding the QBWebPatch Silent Installation, ericjohnson602.


The option to silently run the QBWebPatch file is still unavailable. QuickBooks aims to meet customer needs by prioritizing popular feature requests and values feedback for future updates.


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