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Quickbooks Customer Manager & Windows10?

I've been using a very old version of Quickbooks Customer Manager that was originally working on WindowsXP. These days I still am able to run it on my Windows7 machine, but I am getting ready to migrate over to Windows10 and really dont want to have to build a dual boot system just for this.


I'd like to know if this will install on Windows10?


I dont typically use such old software but I've been searching for years for a replacement and everyone just keeps trying to sell me sales type CRM apps which are useless for me.


I'm just an independent teacher who does staff training locally and private computer training and only need the software to provide a way to make custom fields so I can have individual student screens keeping track of student data like name, address, phone, appointments per student, progress notes per student, etc. and then to be able to print an individuals screen of info in a way where itll appear form-like so I can take with me on the road.


I really just want to stay with this old Customer manager since it simply does what I need. Will it work on Win10?


QuickBooks Team

Quickbooks Customer Manager & Windows10?

Hi there, Hangar.


QuickBooks Customer Manager is an old product that is already discontinued. It's not tested on a Windows 10 environment so we can't guarantee its compatibility with newer OS versions. 


You might also want to visit the Intuit MarketPlace and check other non-sales type customer management applications. You can access the website from here:


Visit us again in the Community if you have other questions. 



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Quickbooks Customer Manager & Windows10?

Or maybe QuickBooks should bring this product back?  I think this product had a lot of promise & I still want to use mine but of course, QuickBooks won't help me with a license activation anymore now that I had to move it to a new computer.  I should still be able to use it but I can't without the license!!!!  After all, I AM the one who purchased it!!!  


This frustrates me so much!!

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