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Quickbooks Desktop 4 Users, How many computers?

Hi, I just purchased quickbooks desktop for 4 users. Currently I have it installed on my personal computer until I set it up for the rest of the users.  Before I did that, I wanted to be sure that I can re-download if theres a change to a new computer or new server. Basically, I do not want to pay for an online server to host quickbooks yet until we move our operation. Am I able to download quickbooks onto a computer but then later on move the download to an online server? I did some preliminary research about it and some site said you can redownload it up to three times? Is that 3 times per user or 3 times per account? 


Thank you,

Christofer Rivera

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Quickbooks Desktop 4 Users, How many computers?

Thanks for reaching out to the Community, Christofer.


On a multi-user network, one computer hosts your company files. This is the server computer which other computers connect to your network with. Computers that host company files are called work stations.


If you need to install it now without a server, then set up a server at a later time, that's within your options. Before installing QuickBooks, you'll want to prepare for the installation:


  • Have the product and license numbers handy.
  • Make sure your computer meets our system requirements.
  • If you haven't yet, download your version of QuickBooks Desktop. Save the file somewhere you can easily find it, like your Desktop or Downloads locations.


Here's how to initiate the installation:

  1. Open QuickBooks.exe.
  2. Follow your on-screen instructions. Accept the software license agreement and click Next.
  3. Enter your product and license numbers.
  4. Select Next.
  5. Choose Express install or Custom and Network install.


After finishing an installation, QuickBooks will ask you to activate and update it. You can refer to our Activate QuickBooks article for detailed steps on how to complete activation.


I've also included a detailed resource about installing QuickBooks on servers which may come in handy moving forward: Install QuickBooks on a server


If there's any additional questions, I'm just a post away. Have a lovely Tuesday!

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Quickbooks Desktop 4 Users, How many computers?


 Is that 3 times per user or 3 times per account? 


There is no limit. You can reinstall anytime you need. Make sure you can access CAMPS as the Primary Contact and find your license information there.

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