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Quickbooks for iPad Pro

Looking at purchasing an iPad Pro and would like to use QB on it. I currently run the desktop application on a Windows PC. I use QB to enter statement charges, manually receive payments, email statements/invoices, and employee payroll. No other inventory or accounting. Would I still be able to use all of these features on an iPad Pro with the QB app?

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Quickbooks for iPad Pro

Windows version of QB desktop only works on a Windows PC or  full Mac running Windows in parallels or equivalent. Not even the discontinued QB for Mac will install on an iPad.

Choices> export your company to an online QBO acvount you can access from every internet connected device you own


Using a remote desktop program similar to Splashtop access your existing Windows PC from your iPad as if you were at your PC. I have had excellent results with Splashtop. And with a first gen ipad no less. For a nominal monthly fee you can even access your QB "server" across the internet. Free is fine if you can be on same LAN

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Quickbooks for iPad Pro

I have had mixed results on a 6th generation iPad.


The app loaded without any problems, but I have had numerous usability problems, some as simple as getting the financials to change from accrual to cash in the reporting area. I have found online help through the program itself is poor. The online product through a browser on my old WINDOWS laptop runs more slowly, but is more usable.


Intuit had a marginal reputation on the Mac and I was hoping that the online QB on the iPad would be a change, but no. Even through a browser on the iPad, the online program isn’t exactly stellar. Additionally, the app seems to suffer from latency issues on both the iOS and WINDOWS platforms that push me in the browser-based direction for the online product.


I’ve been using QB for almost 20 years and find, as a rule, that the online product is problematic except under very specific circumstances. If you feel you must use the online product, go browser-based on a tablet/laptop with at least an i5 processor and a separate video card or embedded GPU circuit.


I enjoy my iPad, but avoid using it for QB Online unless I must.

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Quickbooks for iPad Pro

I have the new Ipad Pro , can i install QB Desktop 2020?



Quickbooks for iPad Pro

Hello @clari,


QuickBooks Desktop is designed to work with personal and desktop computers. As mentioned by our Community Champion, @john-pero, installing it in your iPad Pro is unavailable. You'll want to work with QuickBooks Online and install the app directly from the App Store.


Lastly, here's an article you can read for ideas about the product which will work best for you: QuickBooks Products Comparison.


If there's anything else that I can help you with, please let me know in the comments. I'll be happy to help.

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