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Quickbooks Online to QB Desktop Mac Help!

Hi all.  Let me thank you in advance for any suggestions here.  I am a Quickbooks for Mac user for over 20 years.  I maintained (2) companies on my Mac system.  I was notified in 2018 that QB for Mac would no longer be developed with payroll integration so in November of 2018 I moved one of my companies to Quickbooks Online.  I kept the other going (which did not require Payroll) on the 2016 QB Mac Desktop, thinking I'd convert it to another accounting system like Waves once it no longer worked on the Mac.  There were some things that I liked about the QB Online product but for the most part I missed the Desktop Mac version.  Then I found out that Intuit apparently changed their minds and developed a 2019 and 2020 Mac QB product!   So this past week I purchased the 2020 Desktop Mac QB software and upgraded the data file for the company that I had continued to use the 2016 Mac version for.  Now, how to get the QB Online data back to my new 2020 QB Mac Desktop?  I've searched all the Community threads I could find and read the "What to Expect" article, etc.  I learned that I would have to log into my QB Online account using an Internet Explorer 11 browser in the Administrator mode, export the data file to a QB Windows format, open that data file in the QB Windows 2020 Desktop software, then export from there as a QB Mac Desktop data file, to finally open in my new QB Mac Desktop 2020 program.  Whew!


I have tried to do this on two different Windows machines with the same result.  When I open my QB Online account in Administrator mode via IE 11 browser and click on the "gear icon" to access the Export tools, nothing shows up.  I cannot see any of the gear options!  I can't even log out of the software.  So I am at a standstill on how to get the data file from Online to Mac 2020 Desktop.  


So here is my question, can I pay Intuit to export the data file from my Online account and convert it to a Mac Desktop 2020 file for me?   I am happy to pay for the service.  If so how do I contact them to do so?  I haven't been able to find a link to the Data Services group to open a support ticket.  I communicated with online chat support via my Online QB account and they said to communicate with the 2020 Desktop Mac team, but I haven't been able to reach them either.  I appreciate any suggestions on this.  I'm eager to get back to the Mac Desktop version.  


Sorry for the long background details but figured it better to know more than less.  :)  Thanks!

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Quickbooks Online to QB Desktop Mac Help!

You should explore this thread to retry your conversion from QBO to QBD Windows


But should you need to resolve it in due course, you may purchase a 3rd party conversion service. I noticed the cost is $450 for 2 working days. Send your email address in private message to let me forward it to the vendor. You will make a deal directly with them to proceed.

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Quickbooks Online to QB Desktop Mac Help!

Hi everyone.  I wanted to follow up with anyone else that may have been trying to go from QB Online back to QB Desktop for Mac (or Windows for that matter).  I was having the issue with the "gear icon" disappearing.  I tried everything and then I found the thread below.  Scroll down to find the entry by BDMcGrew.  I followed his instructions and it worked perfectly.  


Also I do not have a Windows PC so I downloaded a trial version of Parallels Desktop for Mac. I hadn't used the software in years but it has advanced significantly.  It worked perfectly.  So I was able to export my data from my QB Online account using the Parallels Desktop and QB Desktop Pro Windows (trial version).  After opening the data file in QB Windows Desktop I was able to copy the data file for Mac.  Then I switched over to my 2020 QB Mac Desktop and opened the data file.  Everything was there except the sales tax accounts I had setup, project estimates and a few minor things that I can tweak to get up to date.  


A special thank you to member BDMcGrew for sharing how he accomplished this!


Hope this helps someone else.


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Quickbooks Online to QB Desktop Mac Help!

Could you tell me if you prefer the Desktop for Mac version and why? Does it allow for payroll integration?

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