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set up new account with carryforward revenue

I am setting up our quickbook budget for the new year.  However, as part of the funds carrying forward, I have some restricted accounts that need to be accounted for.  The restricted items are part of our current checking account balance.  How do I create that entry to not change the checking account balance.  

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OnTrack Team
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set up new account with carryforward revenue



Your question needs some clarity.


What do you mean by 'restricted accounts'?

What needs to be carried forward?


Are you possibly looking to post an adjustment against bank transactions to report them in a later period and they are dated prior to the set Closing Date?

Level 13

set up new account with carryforward revenue



Are these restricted items for an NFP?  If so, the checking account balance applicable to the restricted items should have an offsetting amount posted to your Restricted Funds equity account.

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