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Alternatives to QuickBooks Hosting

Hi QB Community,


I'm a small startup and just added a bookkeeper to try and help me keep up, which means now two people need to access the company simultaneously from different locations.   I'm trying to find alternatives to the expense of using a QB authorized hosting provider.  


Anything you've seen work?  A few ideas I've had:

- VPS with Windows Server running, install QB and use remote desktop to access

- Amazon WorkDocs drive or similar

- Amazon S3 or other cloud based hosting provide for the file only

- Network attached storage with my QB file


Thanks in advance for your help!



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QuickBooks Team

Alternatives to QuickBooks Hosting

Welcome to the Intuit Community, NorthCraftNH.

We have a list of companies that are authorized to host QuickBooks. However, we don’t recommend or endorse which one to use.

The QuickBooks Hosting program allows for the hosting of windows compatible versions of the software. The browser specification and other requirements will depend on the service provider.

I’m adding a link showing a list of Intuit-Authorized Hosting Providers: QuickBooks Hosting Program.

Additionally, the following article contains answers to frequently asked questions and details about accessibility requirements: Frequently Asked Questions.

Please know the Community has your back. If you have additional questions, post a comment below. I’ll pop right back in to answer you. Enjoy the rest of the day.

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Alternatives to QuickBooks Hosting

hi @NorthCraftNH ,

If you need a low cost solution, consider a remote desktop one.


Once you need more than 2 users working on QuickBooks Desktop concurrently, you have to consider another option. I recommend a private cloud solution to let you running QuickBooks on LAN and internet connection concurrently. Their cost starts from $25/month/access


Hope it helps.


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