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Automatic Backup Stopped working

I have a MacBook Pro. I have updated to Catalina. I have also updated my QuickBooks to the  2019 version. For whatever reason the Automatic backup just quit working. I chatted with QuickBooks for at least an hour. They were unable to help me. 


The message it gives me is:



QuickBooks wa unable to backup your company file. QuickBooks could not copy the company file. 


Any help will be deeply appreciated! 

QuickBooks Team

Automatic Backup Stopped working

Hi there, Pixiesmoon. 


This usually happens if QuickBooks could no longer access the backup location. For example, if you're saving your backup in a USB stick/external drive which may no longer be writeable or accessible for some reason.  

You can unplug the drive temporarily and plug it back again. You can also restart your computer to check if that resolves the issue.

More guides and additional references for using QuickBooks for Mac are shared here:


Keep us posted if you have other questions. The Community is always here to help. 

Level 1

Automatic Backup Stopped working

I have tried everything you suggested and it still won't automatically back up. I am at a loss here! 

QuickBooks Team

Automatic Backup Stopped working

Thanks for the update, @Pixiesmoon.


I'm happy to help you get the automatic backup working, but first, I need you to clarify some details for me. Is your QuickBooks company file open somewhere else? Perhaps on another computer or your computer is the second one logged in. 


If you're the second logged in, the QuickBooks Desktop information bar (in blue) will say Secondary, and the other login will say Primary. You'll need to close the second login before you can backup your company files properly. You can do this by going to the File menu and choosing Close Company. Then, you can start your company backup.


Feel free to hit the reply button if you have any other questions. Take care!

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