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Automatically fill PO memo?

Wondering if it's possible to automatically enter a text string into the Memo field in Purchase Orders. In this case, I'd like the author of the PO to appear in the memo.


If there's not a direct setting to achieve this, could it be auto filled based on the template chosen? In other words, can I set up a PO template to always output a specific author's name in memo field? 


Or, can the document level CLASS field be auto populated based on the chosen template?



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QuickBooks Team

Automatically fill PO memo?

Thanks for choosing QuickBooks in tracking your purchases, M-BSE. I can see how important it is to automatically fill in the Memo field. I'm here to share some insights. 


Having the ability to enter the details in the Memo field of your purchase order is a great functionality. As of now, this feature is unavailable. I'd recommend sending a feature request directly to our Product Development team. This helps us improve your experience and the features of the program. 


Here's how:


  1. Go to the Help menu and then select Send Feedback Online.
  2. Choose Product Suggestion.
  3. Add the type of feedback.
  4. Type in your feature suggestion.
  5. Once done, click Send Feedback.


For your visual reference, I've attached some screenshots below.



Additionally, I've included an article that'll help to keep track of your open purchase order in QuickBooks Desktop. This ensures all the transactions are added accurately: Customize Vendor Reports.


Please do let me know if you need additional help in managing your vendor transactions, M-BSE. I'm always here to help you out.

Level 2

Automatically fill PO memo?

When viewing a PO, we can see the username that created the PO in the Transactions sidebar area. That's the info we need to be available to our 3rd party AP automation service. That service pulls PO's into their platform, but for some reason cannot read which user created the PO. Therefore matched vendor bills cannot be automatically assigned to the right buyer/user for approvals. 

That service can see the memo field.

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