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I need to have Company data file open 24/7. How do I make auto backup with the opened Company?

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Do you REALLY have to be up 24/7?  Are you a global company running off of one installation?


I'd set a daily time where the system will be offline for15+ minutes.  The first time you do it, determine if a QB's BU or a basic file/folder copy is quicker.  Then going forward, at that set daily time you do your BU or Copy and any QB updates.  Then your regular server BU will have backups of this daily BU/Copy you've created.  (Actually not sure if the Enterprise version allows a copy when the server BU runs.  So you *might* have a BU.)


The bottom line is it more important to be up 24/7 or to have reliable data backups.  Some people will go forever with no Data issues, but there are LOTS of stories of corrupt Data files.  Is your response to "what do you mean we lost ALL of our data" or "...three months of data" going to be  because it was more convenient for the users????

QuickBooks Team


Good day, @CPALCRUZ.

Thanks for reaching out to the Community. I’m here to share some information setting an automatic backup for your company file.

You can create a scheduled backup for your company file in QuickBooks Desktop. Here’s how:
1.    Go to the File menu and select Save Copy or Back Up.  
2.    Once the Save Copy or Backup window opens, select Backup Copy and click Next.
3.    Select Options to set your backup defaults (such as where you want to save your local backup) and then click Next.
4.    Click Change Location or Use this Location, then hit Next.
5.    Select Only schedule future backups, then click Next.
6.    Choose the box for Save backup copy automatically when I close my company file every [number] times.
7.    Enter a number in the field provided, and click Finish.

For more information, you may refer to this article: Create a backup of the QuickBooks Desktop company file.

That should get you pointed in the right direction. Please let me know if you need further assistance in setting an automatic backup, I’ll be here to help. Enjoy your day!

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@KhimG  the issue is that he  want's to run 24/7 and not shut down.  (Which I don't think is the best practice for the QB Data.)


It's been a while since I've played with QB Enterprise, but do I remember reading that there was an option to do a backup in the background while there were active users?

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@Test2Go  I believe Data Protect is a cloud based backup for QB Desktop and expects you to shut down daily so it can run at night.  He's running QB Enterprise.

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