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Cash Drawer Verification


We are new to using QB POS and are accustomed to having cashiers count their drawers at the end of each shift and use a different drawer until the previous drawer count has been verified by a Supervisor. I know QB POS doesn't have this functionality to capture the Supervisor's review but I am wondering if any other businesses have this practice and if so, how do you manage it outside of QB POS?  

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QuickBooks Team

Cash Drawer Verification

Welcome to the Community, @tcoon0. I'll be sharing how to find other options to capture the Supervisor's review.


Currently, this feature is still not supported with QuickBooks. I recommend looking for third-party apps to help you. 


Third-Party Apps are external solutions that link to QuickBooks Online and allow you to integrate other systems you need to operate your business, decreasing the amount of data you have to enter into your books. 


Apps have numerous advantages, including reducing the time by eliminating manual data entry, boosting data accuracy, and so on. 


Here is the link:


If you need additional assistance with third-party apps, you can click the Reply button below. I'm always here to help.

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Cash Drawer Verification

Thank you. Is there a third-party app that is currently used for this specific purpose?

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