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Changing from Desktop to Online - Customer History Sidebar

Our Company has recently switched over to the online version of quickbooks since we can connect our online store with it. However, when we were using Quickbooks desktop there was a really nice feature that I can't seem to find in the online version. 


Before when we wrote a new invoice for someone, on the right side there was a sidebar that showed the customer history, how, how much money they owed, if they had credit, and if there account was frozen, ect. 


It's really a pain to have to change screens to go look up the customer, and then come back to the invoice screen just to see if they can order something, especially when it gets busy 


Is there a way to bring that sidebar back in online, maybe I'm just not finding it. 


I would appreciate any

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Changing from Desktop to Online - Customer History Sidebar

I have been using QuickBooks desktop since 1995.  Intuit is pushing for everyone to use the on-line product.  I feel it is inferior to the desktop version and I see so many posts from people using the on-line version with a multitude of problems. 


I do not support the on-line version and the few clients that I have using this product have many, many issues that are not easy to fix without Intuit assistance since the on-line version is so limited and the features are poor and the links to functions are poor.


You have made the switch.  I would consider going back to Desktop.  If not, then you need to get yourself a local On-Line ProAdvisor to help and expect to pay big $$ for support.




QuickBooks Team

Changing from Desktop to Online - Customer History Sidebar

Hello @Ellinaux,


As of now, QuickBooks Online doesn't have an option to show the sidebar with customer history. But let me share a workaround about this.


Let's open two tabs on your web browser, one is the customer history and the other one is the invoice transaction. This way, you can check the other tab for the customer history.


The other option you can consider is using the QBO desktop app. From there, you can open multiple windows and work similarly the way you used to be when you were using QB Desktop.


Also, I suggest sending feedback by going to the Gear icon, then selecting Feedback. This way, our engineering team can consider checking and working on the option to show the customer history on the right sidebar.


You can always get back into this post if you have more questions.

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