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Community user verification

Can anyone tell me how community user gets to different levels? Like level 2, or level 15, or champ. Are these signs of good standing awarded by QB? I am asking because I have been emailing with a level 15 user going by "Fiat Lux - ASIA". They have told me that they can still get me a non subscription version of QB. All I have to do is transfer the money to their account and they will email me the code numbers that I need to download it. I am more than a little concerned about transferring money to an overseas bank with no way to verify them. They suggested that I reach out to the community to see if anyone would respond with good or bad history. Please help.


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Fiat Lux - ASIA
Level 15

Community user verification

@ramoliv wrote:

I am more than a little concerned about transferring money to an overseas bank with no way to verify them.


If you are located in the US, we will give our company bank account in US (not an overseas bank) and you can pay our invoice with ACH. The name of our company and website is the same as the name of the account holder. Make sure not to communicate with random email addresses without using our email domain (i.e. fiatlux  . co. id).


Community user verification

I can share some information on this, @ramoliv.


Here's what you can expect from our rank system.  Once you join our Community, you start out as a New Member and as you progress, you gain levels.   Right now we have Levels 1-15, and you advance by posting and replying, liking other posts, giving "kudos" to other users, or marking answers as accepted solutions.


An important note: there are some ranks designed to help you identify employees and moderators in the Community.


I'm linking a very helpful article for you to check out: Community Rank Structure.


Because this is an open Community forum, and all users are able to chime in on any post, I want to share that we do not vouch for any user that is not an Intuit employee, (such as a Moderator QuickBooks Team, Moderator, Intuit, etc), so any offers you receive from a non-QuickBooks team member are unofficial and unsupported by us.


I'm here if you have any questions on the ranks within our awesome Community, or anything else. Have a wonderful start to your week!

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