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Contactless, chip, and Magstripe Card Reader - charging

Just received a new card reader  - with NO instructions.  Who thought THAT was a good idea?

How can I tell when the card reader is fully charged?  There is a little blue light that goes on and off. When I turn the reader on a little green light appears.

I have several POS locations with no electricity - therefore I need to know the card reader is fully functional and charged. How would I know that?

There is no display on the reader  - when connecting to my Go Payment app a warning appears to be sure a certain number appears on the card reader. THERE'S NO DISPLAY. 

So far I'm unimpressed with this new reader. The EVI reader was wonderful, unfortunately it broke. I would buy that reader again in a minute.

Please help. 

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Contactless, chip, and Magstripe Card Reader - charging

If you use this with gopayment, the software will tell you what the battery/charge status is. The is a light on the unit, very faint, but it does exist. However, the unit itself is a piece of junk. We have the small portable one, it shuts down, disconnects after about a minute which forces you to reconnect the unit for another transaction. When you have people in line, this takes forever to accomplish and your customers get impatient. 

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