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Converted from Desktop to Online - Reimbursable Expense Question

Our company recently converted from QB Desktop Enterprise to QB Online.  I'm running into a problem and I cannot figure it out, so hoping someone here can guide frustrated and getting nothing done!


In Desktop, I would enter a vendor bill in to pay the vendor in full, marking the charges as billable to a customer/tenant/job.  After posting the bill to pay the vendor, I would switch over to Customer Center and bill the customer/tenant/job and it would show those vendor charges available to pull into an invoice to customer.  When pulled in, it would list the utility charges by line (electric, water/sewer, trash, etc), creating a Reimbursable Expenses total.  Then I would save the invoice and customer shows invoice due for those charges.


In QBO, I have entered the vendor bill to pay the vendor in full, marking it billable to customer.  When I go over to the customer, I can see a line item "Type-Billable Expense Charge" with "Status-Open".  I have the option to the left to click "Create Invoice" and choose that option.  Invoice template pops up, all familiar until I get to the bottom section for line item charges.  The first line listed is the billable expense, which is correct, but I don't have the option to choose the actual "Product/Service" to offset the original vendor charge (expense/utilities/electric).  It gives me the option to use one of 4-5 Product/Service items already set up or to Add New. 


I guess I'm lost on what to pick here for the Product/ Desktop, it comes over as a reimbursable expense that offsets against the vendor charge (so our net cost is zero when customer pays the invoice).  In Online, do I have to go in and set up reimbursable expense/utilities, etc? 

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Converted from Desktop to Online - Reimbursable Expense Question

Thank you for contacting us, Crue2001.


Are you using the Category details from the vendor bill? If so, categories won't show up on the invoice, only the amount.


If you want to see the products on the invoice, you'll want to enter them from the Item details section. Here's how:


  1. Go to Expenses from the left menu.
  2. Find and open the bill.
  3. Remove items from the Category details section and enter the products and services from the Item details section.
  4. Mark the Billable box for each item.
  5. Click Save.


Check again the customer account and review the Billable Expense Charge entry by clicking the Create invoice. From there, you'll see the product name.


To help manage your billable expense, you can browse this article as a guide: Find out how to record billable expenses in QuickBooks Online.


You have a lot of things to learn when you move to QBO. And, I'm adding these articles to help you more on how transactions are migrated.



If you need more help, please leave a comment below. I'm always around to help manage your billable expenses.

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Converted from Desktop to Online - Reimbursable Expense Question

I really appreciated this piece. I often think of how much of a time suck and a mental drain diving into comment conversations can be. But sometimes it is worth it. At the end of the day, it's important to assert oneself and to attempt to have discussions about what matters to you.




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