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CPE assessment: Answers not working

I am trying to complete the Knowledge check for part 2 of Bookkeeping Practice Management. I've tried a million different answer combos and nothing is working for these 3 questions. Sometimes the results are 1/3 other times it's 2/3 but something isn't clearing so I can pass 3/3. 

Can I skip this assessment and still get certified in the end? Seems ridiculous to waste time this automated glitch. LOL

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Level 1

CPE assessment: Answers not working

It sounds frustrating to encounter technical issues while trying to complete the Knowledge Check for the Bookkeeping Practice Management course. Since the glitch seems to persist despite your efforts, it's understandable to feel frustrated.

In most cases, online courses allow you to proceed without completing a Knowledge Check or assessment. However, it's best to check the specific requirements and guidelines provided by the course platform or the institution offering the certification.

If skipping the assessment is not an option or if you're concerned about not receiving certification due to this issue, consider reaching out to the course instructor, support team, or technical support for assistance. They may be able to provide guidance, troubleshoot the issue, or offer alternative solutions.

In the meantime, document your attempts and any error messages you encounter. This information can be helpful when seeking support or discussing the issue with the course provider.

Remember to keep a positive attitude despite the setback. Glitches happen occasionally in online systems, but with perseverance and assistance, you'll likely find a solution and successfully complete the certification process.

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