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Creating multiple projects in one company

I have created a company which has multiple projects that need to be reported on separately. How do I go about it?


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Creating multiple projects in one company

Hello, emande.


You can create multiple projects in one company and be able to report them separately. You’ll just need to run the Job Profitability Detail report.

  1. Go to Reports at the top
  2. Select Reports Center
  3. Choose JOBS, TIME &MILEAGE from the left menu.

This will show details specific to a certain Job/Project. Let us know if we can be of any assistance while working in QuickBooks. We’ll be glad to help anytime.

Level 15

Creating multiple projects in one company

You first use New Job, which is like Subcustomer Under the Customer name. Then, all entries where you use Customer, you use Job level, for expense entries, for Invoices or sales receipts, for Timesheets. Now everything is Separated under that customer.



Smith and New Garage

Smith and Kitchen Remodel

Smith and Lakefront Home




Customer =Owner and Job Name = Pet name, job Type = cat or dog, for a Veterinarian practice.

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