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Creation of monthly time sheets

I need a report per Employee for Monthly Time sheets. 

To create this I need to import the start and end time from QB time to QB, actual only the work time is imported.


Any ideas please?

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Creation of monthly time sheets

Hey there, @Jens_9876.


At this time, there is no way to export start and end times from QuickBooks Time to QuickBooks Online.  Only hours will export for payroll. However, I'm happy to provide a report found within QuickBooks Time that may be helpful to you.  Here's how you can view all timesheets from a. given period within a report:

  1. Go to Reports Payroll Report.
  2. Select the report dates and other filters as needed, and select Run Report.
  3. To view details: Select Expand All or select the expand icon (+) next to each name to display timresheets and clock in/out information.
  4. To print the report: On the report itself, at the top, select the printer icon. Note: this prints what your current report view looks like.
  5. Right-click the report, and select Print.

I'd love to know if this provides the information you're looking for. I'm always here if you have other questions! Take care.

Level 2

Creation of monthly time sheets

Thanks, this can suite as a work around, I had to build an application that transfers the excel/csv to PDF time sheets for our customer, An report builder would be very nice to have in Time as well, or to choose which fields can be exported from time to QB.

Tori B
QuickBooks Team

Creation of monthly time sheets

Good morning, @Jens_9876.


Thanks for following up with us. 


I defiantly agree with you. A report builder and being able to choose which fields can be exported from QuickBooks Time to QuickBooks would be very beneficial. I think this would be a great time to submit this suggestion to our Product Development Time. This way, it can be considered in a future update. Our Product Developers love to hear from customers like you and review all creative ideas to make the product the best that they can. 


You can use the link I've included below to send your feedback request. 



Please know that you can reach out to the Community at any time. We are always here to lend a helping hand. Take care and have a wonderful day ahead! 

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